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      Air Conditioner

We supply a complete range of air conditioners , including Split wall mounted systems, Window Types, Cassette Types, Mobile/Portable Systems,Multi-Split wall mounted Systems,Mini-centre Air Conditioners, Inverter Types, Floor stand Types as well as many others.



We supply all models of binoculars which are made to the very highest quality standards. Our binoculars range from general purpose use to high quality models for special applications. We also supply well known and famous brand binoculars.




             Reflector Telescope
             Refractor Telescope

We supply the most advanced types of telescopes which are manufactured to the highest quality standards.




We supply the highest quality and the most advanced types of microscopes, including Surgical Operation Microscopes, Slit Lamp Microscopes, Biological Microscopes and Stereo Microscopes.


                                               Balances and Scales

           Electronic Balance
           Mechanical Balance

We supply all type of Scales and Balances, including Electronic Balances, Pocket Balances,Kitchen Scales, Mechanical Balances which are widely used in many industrial enterprises (such as chemical, medical and machine-building enterprises),agricultural applications, schools, etc.


We supply all types of Refractometers, which are widely used in many industrial enterprises, laboratories, pharmaceutical works, agricultural applications, schools, etc.


We supply all type of Glassware and Laboratory Instruments.



We supply all types of Thermometers, Digital Thermometers, Hydrometers and Psychrometers


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